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Children's gifts, Soft Toys, Play Sets and Collectors Items.  All beautifully presented with your personalised gift message.
Gifts For Kids
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Little Green FingersLittle Green FingersCode:GBK018-16
Price R375.00
Ducks in a RowDucks in a RowCode:GBK050-16
Price R985.00
Boys' Baking SetBoys' Baking SetCode:GBK053-16
Price R615.00
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle HamperTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle HamperCode:GBK046-15
Price R350.00
'I Love Barbie' Gift'I Love Barbie' GiftCode:GBK034
Price R605.00
Hello Kitty HamperHello Kitty HamperCode:GBK032
Price R775.00
The Ultimate Spiderman HamperThe Ultimate Spiderman HamperCode:GBK033
Price R710.00
Miniamo Jemima Cookie Cutter and Cupcake SetMiniamo Jemima Cookie Cutter and Cup...Code:BK105DBL
Price R270.00
Miniamo Jungle Boogie Cookie Cutter and Cupcake SetMiniamo Jungle Boogie Cookie Cutter ...Code:BK099DBL
Price R270.00
Miniamo Tea Party Cookie Cutter and Cupcake SetMiniamo Tea Party Cookie Cutter and ...Code:BK100DBL
Price R270.00
Miniamo Star Chef's Uniform Set (3pc)Miniamo Star Chef's Uniform Set (3pc...Code:BK093DBL
Price R310.00
Price R155.00
Lucas (30cm)Lucas (30cm)Code:TD086DBL
Price R480.00
Baker BearBaker BearCode:TD076DBL
Price R182.00
Bonnie Pink BunnyBonnie Pink BunnyCode:TD081DBL
Price R145.00
Buddy Blue BunnyBuddy Blue BunnyCode:TD082DBL
Price R145.00
Lee the Brown BearLee the Brown BearCode:TD084DBL
Price R255.00
Little LambLittle LambCode:TD079DBL
Price R280.00
Patchwork OwlPatchwork OwlCode:TD078DBL
Price R290.00
Price R255.00
White BunnyWhite BunnyCode:TD083DBL
Price R360.00
Taggies Patchwork Fox - OrangeTaggies Patchwork Fox - OrangeCode:TDap091DBL
Price R265.00
Taggies Patchwork Mouse - GreenTaggies Patchwork Mouse - GreenCode:TDap088DBL
Price R265.00
Taggies Patchwork Mouse - RedTaggies Patchwork Mouse - RedCode:TDap090DBL
Price R265.00
MasterCard 'Congratulations!' Gift CardMasterCard 'Congratulations!' Gift C...Code:VOMCFCOG
Price R125.00
MasterCard 'Congratulations!' Gift CardMasterCard 'Congratulations!' Gift C...Code:VOMCFCOB
Price R125.00
MasterCard 'For You' Gift CardMasterCard 'For You' Gift CardCode:VOMCFYF
Price R125.00
Harry the BunnyHarry the BunnyCode:TD088DBL
Price R190.00
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