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Stunning Gifts and Hampers to make their house a home! Gift Lady delivers beautiful and functional gifts, beautifully gift-wrapped and presented with ribbon.
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Braai GuyBraai GuyCode:GBHm024
Price R785.00
Spiced Up for CookingSpiced Up for CookingCode:GBH092-16
Price R820.00
Cheese board and knife - 2 pieceCheese board and knife - 2 pieceCode:HO0127DBL
Price R200.00
Classy Kitchen Braai PackClassy Kitchen Braai PackCode:HO0123DBL
Price R235.00
Silver Etched Party BucketSilver Etched Party BucketCode:HOBAY087DBL
Price R470.00
18 Piece Ladies Tool Kit18 Piece Ladies Tool KitCode:WMNpre001DBL
Price R325.00
5-in-1 BBQ Toolkit5-in-1 BBQ ToolkitCode:HO0bbl132DBL
Price R550.00
Africa Shape Cutting BoardAfrica Shape Cutting BoardCode:HO0131DBL
Price R295.00
Andy C - Emerge Salt and Pepper ShakerAndy C - Emerge Salt and Pepper Shak...Code:CB-ADC-009
Price R515.00
Andy C - Emerge Serviette Ring (4pc)Andy C - Emerge Serviette Ring (4pc)Code:CB-ADC-0010
Price R480.00
Biltong & BraaiBiltong & BraaiCode:GBHm067
Price R770.00
Braai MasterBraai MasterCode:GBHm083
Price R905.00
Braai Time Survival KitBraai Time Survival KitCode:GBHm011-16
Price R985.00
Foldable Braai ToolFoldable Braai ToolCode:HOtnt006DBL
Price R610.00
Lisbeth Dahl - Clear Acrylic Glass Set - Rice (2)Lisbeth Dahl - Clear Acrylic Glass S...Code:CB-LD-004
Price R255.00
Lisbeth Dahl - ClearAcrylic Wine Glass Set (2)Lisbeth Dahl - ClearAcrylic Wine Gla...Code:CB-LD-005
Price R330.00
Lisbeth Dahl - Purple & Mint Flower Lamp ShadeLisbeth Dahl - Purple & Mint Flower ...Code:CB-LD-007
Price R875.00
Lisbeth Dahl - Red Dot with Pink Ribbon Lamp ShadeLisbeth Dahl - Red Dot with Pink Rib...Code:CB-LD-008
Price R875.00
Little Green FingersLittle Green FingersCode:GBK018-16
Price R375.00
Master ChefMaster ChefCode:GBH095-16
Price R1405.00
Mom the GardenerMom the GardenerCode:GBGf095-16
Price R895.00
Mrs Mouse Cheese KnifeMrs Mouse Cheese KnifeCode:HObln003DBL
Price R205.00
Rope Salad ServersRope Salad ServersCode:HObln002DBL
Price R215.00
SA Braai HamperSA Braai HamperCode:GBHm005-15
Price R1065.00
Spices of the Orient - 12 packSpices of the Orient - 12 packCode:HOkbf002DBL
Price R360.00
Tretchikoff Cushion Cover - CollageTretchikoff Cushion Cover - CollageCode:HOttp003DBL
Price R420.00
Tretchikoff Cushion Cover - Lost OrchidTretchikoff Cushion Cover - Lost Orc...Code:HOttp005DBL
Price R445.00
Tretchikoff Cushion Cover - Miss WongTretchikoff Cushion Cover - Miss Won...Code:HOttp001DBL
Price R445.00
Tretchikoff Cushion Cover Cover - Balinese GirlTretchikoff Cushion Cover Cover - Ba...Code:HOttp004DBL
Price R445.00
Tretchikoff Cushion Cover Cover - Lady from OrientTretchikoff Cushion Cover Cover - La...Code:HOttp002DBL
Price R445.00
VBC Casa - 3 Division Snack TrayVBC Casa - 3 Division Snack TrayCode:CB-LD-002
Price R480.00
VBC Casa- Large JugVBC Casa- Large JugCode:CB-LD-003
Price R650.00
VBC Casa- Rectangular PlatterVBC Casa- Rectangular PlatterCode:CB-LD-001
Price R575.00
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