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Frequently Asked Questions

I received a gift card from my family overseas, however when I use it at the till-point it doesn’t work.

Our gift cards do not have any money loaded onto them until you call us and activate it. The reason is that if the card gets lost in transit, at least it will be at no loss to you or our company.

Can I do a repeat on any transaction?

Absolutely! Any transaction that was done by credit card – manual or via the website – we can do a repeat transaction.

Can I use my Norwegian Credit card to pay?

Yes – absolute no problem.

I tried to place an order with my Maestro card from the UK, but your system did not allow me to do so.

Maestro only accepts GBP payments. Please change your currency to GBP on the website.

I live overseas, but my family is in South Africa. Is it possible for me to open an account, choose gifts, pay with my international credit card but have delivery to South African addresses?

No problem to pay with an International card, the majority of our customers are from overseas,

I plan to send gift hampers to family in SA but do not want it delivered immediately. How can I work with you to assemble the Hampers and then have them sent the week before Christmas?

You can enter your preferred delivery date upon checkout. It is the last option just before the payment page.

Is it possible for one to make up their own hampers, as I’d like to get two hampers done, but would like to put more in the hamper than one gift.

You are welcome to create more than one hamper per order or combine gifts to go into the hamper. Please provide details of which gifts you want combined in the special instructions field ( last step before check out) to ensure that we pack the hamper the way you want it.

I see that you don’t deliver on Saturdays. What do you do if the recipient is not at home when you try to deliver?

Our courier will usually phone the recipient to arrange for a convenient time – if delivery was unsuccessful. Alternatively we can send the order to the recipient work address. The other alternative is to send it by postal services – they will then be notified to collect the parcel at a convenient time.


  1. Select your products

    Click on the category of your choice (i.e. cookies & candy, chocolates etc.) and select the products you would like to add to your hamper.

    To return to the categories page and continue shopping, click on the 'Add More Products to My Hamper' link at the top of the page.

  2. Select your packaging and enter your message.

    Once you have finished shopping, click on the 'Finish Off: Select Packaging & Enter Message' link at the top of the page (please note: we charge R60 to accommodate for the gift box).

    Select your packaging, enter your message, click on 'continue' and, voila! Your hamper has been created!
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