Gifts for Gents

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A variety of snack, sporty, braai, cooking and pamper gifts and hampers for the Manly Man and Gentleman

Gift Lady delivers throughout South Africa. 

All our gifts and hampers are beautifully presented with ribbon.
Gifts for Gents
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Gents Beer and Snack FeastGents Beer and Snack FeastCode:GBLm0226-17
Price R1035.00
Ultimate Bok SupporterUltimate Bok SupporterCode:GBLm0219-15
Price R555.00
SA Braai HamperSA Braai HamperCode:GBHm005-15
Price R1085.00
Price R805.00
12 YO Chivas Regal Gift Set12 YO Chivas Regal Gift SetCode:GBL014
Price R1245.00
Amarula Treat BoxAmarula Treat BoxCode:GBL0102
Price R695.00
Biltong & Nut BucketBiltong & Nut BucketCode:GBEm006-17
Price R445.00
Braai GuyBraai GuyCode:GBHm024
Price R785.00
Jack Daniel's TreatboxJack Daniel's TreatboxCode:GBL067
Price R830.00
KWV van der Hum Gift SetKWV van der Hum Gift SetCode:GBL009
Price R540.00
Wild Africa Liqueur Gift SetWild Africa Liqueur Gift SetCode:GBL010
Price R520.00
Wine & Treat BoxWine & Treat BoxCode:GBWR020
Price R570.00
Price R695.00
Macho MunchiesMacho MunchiesCode:GBEm003
Price R575.00
Price R745.00
Gents Secret StacheGents Secret StacheCode:GBSm0208-16
Price R285.00
Good Ol' St PatrickGood Ol' St PatrickCode:GBLm0223-16
Price R620.00
Size MattersSize MattersCode:GBEm0225-16
Price R690.00
Price R890.00
The 'Die Hard' Whiskey GuyThe 'Die Hard' Whiskey GuyCode:GBLm0225-16
Price R1280.00
Braai Time Survival KitBraai Time Survival KitCode:GBHm011-16
Price R985.00
Cheese, Nuts & Olive SetCheese, Nuts & Olive SetCode:GBE0231-16
Price R530.00
Emergency Goody BoxEmergency Goody BoxCode:GBH096-16
Price R850.00
Fred's Sweet ToothFred's Sweet ToothCode:GBC034-16
Price R575.00
Le-Roy's Cookies & Sweet TreatsLe-Roy's Cookies & Sweet TreatsCode:GBC032-16
Price R595.00
Master ChefMaster ChefCode:GBH095-16
Price R1405.00
Men's Shaving Kit & TreatsMen's Shaving Kit & TreatsCode:GBPm0290-16
Price R695.00
Sir Henry's Coffee TreatsSir Henry's Coffee TreatsCode:GBC030-16
Price R495.00
White Wine, Cheese & Olive SetWhite Wine, Cheese & Olive SetCode:GBWW0215-16
Price R690.00
Beer & Braai BucketBeer & Braai BucketCode:GBHm014-17
Price R1245.00
Craft Gin & Tonic HamperCraft Gin & Tonic HamperCode:GBL216-17
Price R795.00
Dad's Bag of BiltongDad's Bag of BiltongCode:GBEm0238-17
Price R385.00
Gents Fun Beer BoxGents Fun Beer BoxCode:GBLm0228-17
Price R510.00
Handy ManHandy ManCode:GBEm0237-17
Price R955.00
Superman FanSuperman FanCode:GBEm0236-17
Price R705.00
Price R750.00
Sweet Snack TinSweet Snack TinCode:GBS0223-17
Price R835.00
The CamperThe CamperCode:GBEm0235-17
Price R944.00
Ultimate BATMAN FanUltimate BATMAN FanCode:GBEm0230-17
Price R1295.00
Wine BoxWine BoxCode:MENgif006DBL
Price R320.00
Scott & Lawson Karabiner MugScott & Lawson Karabiner MugCode:MENbbl013DBL
Price R230.00
Scott & Lawson WashbagScott & Lawson WashbagCode:MENbbl007DBL
Price R405.00
Size Matters Giant MugSize Matters Giant MugCode:MENtpn001DBL
Price R160.00
Skull Shot GlassesSkull Shot GlassesCode:HO0bbl131DBL
Price R245.00
Socks OrganiserSocks OrganiserCode:MENgif005DBL
Price R215.00
Superman MugSuperman MugCode:MENbbl012DBL
Price R185.00
Superman Shaped MugSuperman Shaped MugCode:MENbbl019DBL
Price R350.00
The Joker Poker SetThe Joker Poker SetCode:MENbbl015DBL
Price R350.00
The Mark BrothersThe Mark BrothersCode:UNIbbl008DBL
Price R240.00
Tie Hanger - African MapTie Hanger - African MapCode:MENgif004DBL
Price R175.00
Beer Cap MapBeer Cap MapCode:MENgif001DBL
Price R510.00
Price R415.00
Chess - A Game for TwoChess - A Game for TwoCode:UNIbbl009DBL
Price R350.00
GET Emojinal Predictor PenGET Emojinal Predictor PenCode:UNIbbl0010DBL
Price R165.00
Hello Handsome Muscle MiniaturesHello Handsome Muscle MiniaturesCode:MENbbl014DBL
Price R230.00
Jocks OrganiserJocks OrganiserCode:MENgif003DBL
Price R215.00
Shortest Break Ever MugShortest Break Ever MugCode:UNIbbl006DBL
Price R180.00
5-in-1 BBQ Toolkit5-in-1 BBQ ToolkitCode:HO0bbl132DBL
Price R650.00
Back Scratch PenBack Scratch PenCode:UNIbbl0011DBL
Price R140.00
BATMAN Gadget PenBATMAN Gadget PenCode:MENbbl017DBL
Price R230.00
BATMAN Glow MugBATMAN Glow MugCode:MENbbl018DBL
Price R205.00
BATMAN Hip FlaskBATMAN Hip FlaskCode:MENbbl009DBL
Price R310.00
Price R185.00
BATMAN Multi ToolBATMAN Multi ToolCode:MENbbl010DBL
Price R185.00
BATMAN Playing CardsBATMAN Playing CardsCode:MENbbl016DBL
Price R185.00
The Dapper Chap - Hip FlaskThe Dapper Chap - Hip FlaskCode:MENhh001DBL
Price R350.00
The Dapper Chap - Made to Measure Tape (3m)The Dapper Chap - Made to Measure Ta...Code:MENhh002DBL
Price R130.00
Man Flu Mug Set (2pc)Man Flu Mug Set (2pc)Code:MENbbl004DBL
Price R310.00
Foldable Braai ToolFoldable Braai ToolCode:HOtnt006DBL
Price R715.00
Mojito setMojito setCode:HOtnt008DBL
Price R265.00
Extra Shot Coffee MugExtra Shot Coffee MugCode:UNIbbl007DBL
Price R250.00
CaRRoL BoYeS Bottle Opener- SovietCaRRoL BoYeS Bottle Opener- SovietCode:CB-BOSV
Price R660.00
CaRRoL BoYeS Bottle Opener- WaveCaRRoL BoYeS Bottle Opener- WaveCode:CB-BOWV
Price R660.00
Hello Handsome Shaving KitHello Handsome Shaving KitCode:MENbbl021DBL
Price R255.00
Shots and Crosses Drinking GameShots and Crosses Drinking GameCode:MENbbl020DBL
Price R205.00
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