Make up your own Johannesburg gift hamper Send your friends and family something different for their Birthday or special celebration! Who would expect a Stunning Cake or Gorgeous Cupcakes delivered to their door?

Delivery available in Johannesburg only. Please order 3-5 working days in advance to avoid disappointment
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Breakfast at Tiffany's Cupcakes (12)Breakfast at Tiffany's Cupcakes (12)Code:FB-CPT-02
Price R540.00
Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes (12)Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes (12)Code:FB-CPT-05
Price R595.00
Flash Cupcakes (12)Flash Cupcakes (12)Code:FB-CPT-04
Price R480.00
Rainbow Cupcakes (12)Rainbow Cupcakes (12)Code:FB-CPT-01
Price R470.00
You are My Sunshine - Vanilla CakeYou are My Sunshine - Vanilla CakeCode:FB-CPT-07
Price R985.00
Balloon Cake - VanillaBalloon Cake - VanillaCode:FB-CPT-010
Price R1080.00
Chanel Bag Cake - ChocolateChanel Bag Cake - ChocolateCode:FB-CPT-09
Price R1110.00
Chocolate Cake with Lindt Truffles and Chocolate WhispersChocolate Cake with Lindt Truffles a...Code:FB-JHB-009
Price R605.00
Minion Cake - Vanilla CakeMinion Cake - Vanilla CakeCode:FB-CPT-08
Price R770.00
Red Velvet CupcakesRed Velvet CupcakesCode:FB-CPT-0022 JHB
Price R380.00
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