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A selection of our favourite Valentine's Day gifts and hampers! Beautifully presented with lots of ribbon, making your Valentine's Day an extra special occasion. Spread the love this month by sending Chocolates, Teddies and Bubbly from The Gift Lady.

Our Favourites!
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Craft in a BoxCraft in a BoxCode:GBL-m001-19
Price R610.00
You're My JamYou're My JamCode:GBH-u001-19
Price R380.00
Love Bites Love Bites Code:GBE-u001-19
Price R365.00
Movie NightMovie NightCode:GBY-u002-19
Price R750.00
You Make Me SmileYou Make Me SmileCode:GBC-u001-19
Price R405.00
You Make My Heart POP!You Make My Heart POP!Code:GBE-u002-19
Price R420.00
Love StoryLove StoryCode:GBY-f001-19
Price R630.00
Ek + JyEk + JyCode:GBY-u001-19
Price R735.00
I love you more than Chocolate!I love you more than Chocolate!Code:GBV143-15
Price R530.00
Charlie and the Chocolate BouquetCharlie and the Chocolate BouquetCode:GBT216
Price R495.00
Sweet IndulgenceSweet IndulgenceCode:GBV131-16
Price R685.00
Chocolates for YouChocolates for YouCode:GBV109
Price R195.00
Ek Like Jou Stukkend!Ek Like Jou Stukkend!Code:GBV115-18
Price R785.00
I like you, I think I'm going to keep youI like you, I think I'm going to kee...Code:GBV112-18
Price R710.00
Champagne and Nougat DelightChampagne and Nougat DelightCode:GBY-f082-18
Price R950.00
You Melt My HeartYou Melt My HeartCode:GBV120-18
Price R355.00
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