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Candles, Bed and Bath
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Cotton Tail Cosmetic Purse Cotton Tail Cosmetic Purse Code:ZPAMimpP210
Price R105.00
Light Grey Bath TowelLight Grey Bath TowelCode:ZPAMtwk16
Price R235.00
Gin and Tonic Fragranced CandleGin and Tonic Fragranced CandleCode:ZCANtww005
Price R215.00
Large Bar Soap - Vanilla (125g)Large Bar Soap - Vanilla (125g)Code:ZPAMANT159
Price R60.00
Bath Salt Pack - LavenderBath Salt Pack - LavenderCode:ZPAMANT161
Price R60.00
Pumice StonePumice StoneCode:ZPAMIMP401
Price R35.00
CaRRoL BoYeS Candle - ethereal - blackCaRRoL BoYeS Candle - ethereal - blackCode:CB-0G-CA-ETH-BL
Price R429.00
Cream Hemmed Face ClothCream Hemmed Face ClothCode:ZPAMIMP116
Price R35.00
Fig & Wild Pear Fragranced Candle Fig & Wild Pear Fragranced Candle Code:ZCANtww007
Price R215.00
Gorgeous White Bath TowelGorgeous White Bath TowelCode:ZPAMtwk12
Price R235.00
Knitted Cotton FaceclothKnitted Cotton FaceclothCode:ZPAMANT154
Price R95.00
White Face ClothWhite Face ClothCode:ZPAMtwk14
Price R25.00
White Hand TowelWhite Hand TowelCode:ZPAMtwk13
Price R140.00
White Hemmed Face ClothWhite Hemmed Face ClothCode:ZPAMIMP400
Price R35.00
White Mesh Bath SpongeWhite Mesh Bath SpongeCode:ZPAMimp1166
Price R15.00
Cocoa & Sandalwood Small JarCocoa & Sandalwood Small JarCode:ZCANtww011
Price R310.00
Handknitted jute Exfoliating mitt Handknitted jute Exfoliating mitt Code:ZPAMANT001
Price R85.00
Heart Soap - VanillaHeart Soap - VanillaCode:ZPAMANT160
Price R70.00
Light Pink Bath TowelLight Pink Bath TowelCode:ZPAMtwk15
Price R255.00
Pink Hemmed Face ClothPink Hemmed Face ClothCode:ZPAMimp0272
Price R35.00
Pink Mesh Bath SpongePink Mesh Bath SpongeCode:ZPAMCLA117
Price R15.00
Prosecco Elements Fragranced Candle Prosecco Elements Fragranced Candle Code:ZCANtww006
Price R215.00
Tranquil Oolong Tea & Neroli DiffuserTranquil Oolong Tea & Neroli DiffuserCode:ZCANtww010
Price R745.00
Tranquil oolong tea & neroli Tumbler Tranquil oolong tea & neroli Tumbler Code:ZCANtww009
Price R610.00
Blue Mesh Bath SpongeBlue Mesh Bath SpongeCode:ZPAMCLA118
Price R15.00
Bright Pink Bath TowelBright Pink Bath TowelCode:ZPAMtwk17
Price R162.00
'Eeek! I gotta snag!' - Mini Nail Files'Eeek! I gotta snag!' - Mini Nail FilesCode:ZPAMimp0264
Price R35.00
Red Deer CandleRed Deer CandleCode:ZXMASkap001
Price R75.00
Navy Hemmed Face ClothNavy Hemmed Face ClothCode:ZACCMimp160
Price R35.00
Amz Loves Candle - Candyfloss (6.5cm)Amz Loves Candle - Candyfloss (6.5cm)Code:ZCANimp012
Price R135.00
Amz Loves Candle - Macaroon (6.5cm)Amz Loves Candle - Macaroon (6.5cm)Code:ZCANimp010
Price R135.00
CaRRoL BoYeS - CANDLE - Brush StrokesCaRRoL BoYeS - CANDLE - Brush StrokesCode:CB-0G-CA-BRST
Price R429.00
Cotton Tail Scented Sachets (3 x 20g)Cotton Tail Scented Sachets (3 x 20g)Code:ZPAMIMP114
Price R80.00
Ginger & Lime Round Shaped Bath BombGinger & Lime Round Shaped Bath BombCode:ZPAMANT172
Price R25.00
Handmade Lavender Bath Salt EnvelopeHandmade Lavender Bath Salt EnvelopeCode:ZPAMANT151
Price R40.00
Mandala Medley - Vanity BagMandala Medley - Vanity BagCode:ZBAGBimp005
Price R135.00
Mustard Round Shaped Bath BombMustard Round Shaped Bath BombCode:ZPAMANT171
Price R25.00
Peppermint Round Shaped Foot BathPeppermint Round Shaped Foot BathCode:ZPAMANT173
Price R25.00
Vanilla Scented CandleVanilla Scented CandleCode:ZCANcla026
Price R48.00
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