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Pantry and Savoury Snacks
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Chaloners Plum and Onion Preserve (450g)Chaloners Plum and Onion Preserve (450g)Code:ZPANnic017
Price R125.00
Chaloners Strawberry and Mint JamChaloners Strawberry and Mint JamCode:ZPANnic006
Price R105.00
Chaloners Raspberry & Plum JamChaloners Raspberry & Plum JamCode:ZPANnic001
Price R110.00
Braai Master - Hot Chilli MarinadeBraai Master - Hot Chilli MarinadeCode:ZPANsgk04
Price R70.00
Nomu One for All GrinderNomu One for All GrinderCode:ZPANnic007
Price R95.00
Nomu Spicy Chilli GrinderNomu Spicy Chilli GrinderCode:ZPANnic008
Price R95.00
Nomu Seafood & Fish GrinderNomu Seafood & Fish GrinderCode:ZPANnic013
Price R95.00
Nomu African RubNomu African RubCode:ZPANnic004
Price R90.00
Nomu Indian RubNomu Indian RubCode:ZPANnic012
Price R85.00
Nomu Italian RubNomu Italian RubCode:ZPANnic011
Price R85.00
Nomu Poultry RubNomu Poultry RubCode:ZPANnic010
Price R85.00
ORYX Desert Black Pepper (100g)ORYX Desert Black Pepper (100g)Code:ZPANorx003
Price R83.00
Balsamic Reduction Mediterrano (100ml)Balsamic Reduction Mediterrano (100ml)Code:ZPANnic014
Price R80.00
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)Code:ZPANnic020
Price R90.00
Mount Ceder Kalamata Olives - jar (400g)Mount Ceder Kalamata Olives - jar (400g)Code:ZPANnic003
Price R80.00
Mount Ceder Kalamata Olives - pouch (450g)Mount Ceder Kalamata Olives - pouch (450g)Code:ZPANnic018
Price R90.00
Dolcezze  Cheese StrawsDolcezze Cheese StrawsCode:ZPANnic002
Price R55.00
Barrettsridge Beer Bread - Original (450g)Barrettsridge Beer Bread - Original (450g)Code:ZPANnic015
Price R100.00
Thistlewood Diabetic Apricot JamThistlewood Diabetic Apricot JamCode:ZSPAR60
Price R125.00
Bacon, Onion and Whiskey Jam (150g)Bacon, Onion and Whiskey Jam (150g)Code:ZPANtbd06
Price R100.00
Port and Cranberry Mustard (130g)Port and Cranberry Mustard (130g)Code:ZPANtbd03
Price R80.00
Roscherrs Green Fig Preserve (500g)Roscherrs Green Fig Preserve (500g)Code:ZPANNIC76
Price R140.00
After Braai EssentialsAfter Braai EssentialsCode:ZPANimp001
Price R115.00
Nomu Steak & BBQ GrinderNomu Steak & BBQ GrinderCode:ZPANnic009
Price R88.00
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