Fruit, Nuts & Biltong

Make up your own Fruit, Nuts & Biltong gift hamper
Fruit baskets,Biltong hampers and Fruit and nut hampers! - always a winner. Gift Lady will deliver your Treat Hampers to any destination in South Africa. Beautifully presented with your personal message.

If you are struggling to decide on a gift there are few gifts better than fruit, nut or biltong gift hampers. Itís a gift that is easy and yet goes a long way in making the recipient feel extra special.


South African fruit, nut and biltong gift hampers

We source some of the South Africaís finest fresh and dried fruit, nuts and biltong and tailor each gift to your specific needs. We have a wide variety of personalization options too.


Fruit, nuts and biltong, a gift for all occasions

​A gift of fruit, nuts and biltong may seem small but it is loaded with meaning. This is what we do for you - we specialize in creating the occasion and making sure you're giving the best value possible.

Think weddings, corporate functions, golf days, birthdays, milestone achievements, buying a house, selling a house, having a baby, Ö


Corporate gifts and hampers

If you're looking for unique corporate gifts for functions, golf days, year-end gifts and more then consider our corporate gift hampers. Each gift can be tailor-made to suit your needs and budget.


Fruit, nuts and biltong gift hampers delivered throughout South Africa

When it comes to hampers and gifts, the Gift Lady is the ultimate in convenience. We deliver items to any location in South Africa with remarkable care and attention to detail. Customers have the option to include a gift note with every shipment and schedule delivery on a special date such as a birthday or anniversary.


Online fruit, nuts and biltong hampers and gifts

Have a browse through some of the fruit nuts and biltong hampers we offer, but please do contact us so that we can create the perfect chocolate gift for you!

Fruit, Nuts & Biltong
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Handy ManHandy ManCode:GBE-m0237-17
Price R921.00
Biltong & Nut BucketBiltong & Nut BucketCode:GBE-u006-17
Price R505.00
A Taste of Africa A Taste of Africa Code:GBL-u119
Price R670.00
Macho MunchiesMacho MunchiesCode:GBE-u003
Price R495.00
Health BoxHealth BoxCode:GBE-u017
Price R375.00
Nuts about you!Nuts about you!Code:GBE-u004
Price R435.00
Gents Fun BucketGents Fun BucketCode:GBPm0212-18
Price R460.00
SA Braai HamperSA Braai HamperCode:GBH-m005-15
Price R1095.00
Price R815.00
Price R695.00
Serious Snack PackSerious Snack PackCode:GBE-u014
Price R495.00
Ladies Triple Delights Ladies Triple Delights Code:GBE-f0118
Price R505.00
Amarula Treat BoxAmarula Treat BoxCode:GBL-u0102
Price R675.00
Family Celebration BasketFamily Celebration BasketCode:GBX0113-17
Price R3540.00
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