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Table and Kitchen
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London MugLondon MugCode:ZHOMTsld004
Price R105.00
Mojito set Mojito set Code:ZHOMKtnt008
Price R265.00
Mouse and Wedge Cheese PinMouse and Wedge Cheese PinCode:ZHOMKbln218
Price R50.00
Mr. BasterMr. BasterCode:ZHOMKph003
Price R155.00
Mr. SpoonMr. SpoonCode:ZHOMKph002
Price R155.00
Mr. TurnerMr. TurnerCode:ZHOMKph001
Price R155.00
Lego Blocks Fork & Spoon SetLego Blocks Fork & Spoon SetCode:ZKIDETPN001
Price R290.00
Owl Wine Glass Charms (set of 6)Owl Wine Glass Charms (set of 6)Code:ZACCFtnt013
Price R115.00
Pineapple Serving TrayPineapple Serving TrayCode:ZHOMKtnt013
Price R515.00
Pineapple Trinket DishPineapple Trinket DishCode:ZHOMTbbl008
Price R150.00
Teatowel - AfricaTeatowel - AfricaCode:ZHOMKbln222
Price R140.00
Teatowel - SucculentsTeatowel - SucculentsCode:ZHOMKbln221
Price R130.00
Teatowel - Wagging DogsTeatowel - Wagging DogsCode:ZHOMKbln217
Price R115.00
Tie design bottle openerTie design bottle openerCode:ZHOMTbln218
Price R200.00
Wooden Spoon with Dots (Duck Egg)Wooden Spoon with Dots (Duck Egg)Code:ZHOMKbt002
Price R55.00
Wooden Spoon with Dots (White)Wooden Spoon with Dots (White)Code:ZHOMKbt001
Price R55.00
Teatowel - Coffee word mixTeatowel - Coffee word mixCode:ZHOMKbln203
Price R105.00
Teatowel - Meaningful Moments: DaughterTeatowel - Meaningful Moments: DaughterCode:ZHOMKdcs208
Price R90.00
Dolls flavia ring holderDolls flavia ring holderCode:ZHOMKtnt004
Price R240.00
Bamboo Cutting BoardBamboo Cutting BoardCode:ZHOMKbay326
Price R195.00
Bunny Cookies CuttersBunny Cookies CuttersCode:ZHOMBLN201
Price R105.00
Bunny ServietteBunny ServietteCode:ZHOMTbt004
Price R45.00
Cucumbo Spiral SlicerCucumbo Spiral SlicerCode:ZHOMKbbl343
Price R160.00
Floral NapkinFloral NapkinCode:ZHOMTbt003
Price R45.00
Frozen Margarita Cocktail Gift SetFrozen Margarita Cocktail Gift SetCode:ZHOMKbbl344
Price R480.00
Herb Markers - Plain (8)Herb Markers - Plain (8)Code:ZGARbln002
Price R60.00
Joie Paysan Mini Box Grater Joie Paysan Mini Box Grater Code:ZHOMKfkl02
Price R105.00
Joie Paysan Pizza SlicerJoie Paysan Pizza SlicerCode:ZHOMKfkl03
Price R120.00
Jumping Jack Salad ServersJumping Jack Salad ServersCode:ZHOMTbbl003
Price R260.00
Mrs Mouse Cheese KnifeMrs Mouse Cheese KnifeCode:ZHOMTbln200
Price R235.00
Aluminium Oval Roaster (3L)Aluminium Oval Roaster (3L)Code:ZHOMKcla225
Price R675.00
Enamel Mixing BowlEnamel Mixing BowlCode:ZHOMKcla311
Price R145.00
Death by Wine Bottle Stopper - BlackDeath by Wine Bottle Stopper - BlackCode:ZHOMbbl001
Price R295.00
Death by Wine Bottle Stopper - GoldDeath by Wine Bottle Stopper - GoldCode:ZHOMbbl002
Price R295.00
Deli Round Cookie Jar Deli Round Cookie Jar Code:ZHOMTfan007
Price R160.00
Heart Aluminium Dish Large Heart Aluminium Dish Large Code:ZHOMTbln220
Price R135.00
Jumbo 18th MugJumbo 18th MugCode:ZHOMTsld005
Price R100.00
Jumbo 21st MugJumbo 21st MugCode:ZHOMTsld006
Price R100.00
Jumbo 40th MugJumbo 40th MugCode:ZHOMTsld007
Price R100.00
Lemons TeatowelLemons TeatowelCode:ZHOMTbln225
Price R140.00
Pineapple Glass (700ml)Pineapple Glass (700ml)Code:ZHOMTfan006
Price R150.00
Regent Beer Mug w/Handle (400ML)Regent Beer Mug w/Handle (400ML)Code:ZHOMazul001
Price R65.00
Star Votive (6cm)Star Votive (6cm)Code:ZHOMTbln219
Price R70.00
Teatowel - Protea PaintedTeatowel - Protea PaintedCode:ZHOMTbln223
Price R155.00
Twist Pate KnifeTwist Pate KnifeCode:ZHOMKbln219
Price R125.00
Wine Gift Set in BookcaseWine Gift Set in BookcaseCode:ZHOMHph005
Price R225.00
Wooden Honey DipperWooden Honey DipperCode:ZHOMTbay073
Price R40.00
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